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Friday, November 11, 2016

Opatchauto for GI complains about actions.xml missing

On Oracle 12.1 doing a GI CPU installation it is possible that, when trying to install one of the quarterly patch updates, that 'opatchauto' complains about an actions.xml file missing from one of the patch subdirectories.

In DocID 2086760.1 on Oracle Support this problem is explained to be caused by a too low version of opatchauto.
When using an opatch version or higher this problem will be gone.

However, today I ran into the same problem, having opatch version !!

After a long search for the cause, I found another error in the logfile, saying:

OPatchAutoBinary hit Binary Exception: oracle.opatchauto.code.binary.BinarySessionException: 
ERROR: Unable to register this patch /opt/src/24433148. Select Patch is not valid.

This made me look at the directory structure where the patch was extracted.
There I noticed that I mistakenly had unzipped the patch as root-user, resulting in only root-permission files.

After changing the ownership of the unzipped patch-directory to the grid-owner, the patch installation has successfully completed.

So, permission problems on an unzipped patch directory can cause another problem to arise, making solving it a challenge.

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